The Story of U Podcast is a Regina, Saskatchewan based podcast that shares the stories of its guests, from their own perspectives. From stories of abuse, mental illness, and overcoming obstacles in their lives, our guests share a unique perspective on the world around them.

We’re always looking for guests and everyone is welcome, so if you’d like to be a part of this amazing experience click the Contact button and hit us up. We’d love to hear from you. Every Tuesday we add a new Chapter into the Story of U. I hope you’ll continue to join us!
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What are people saying about The Story of U Podcast?

“Great show and I truly enjoyed being part of it – good way to encapsulate history and speak to the populace” – Jay

“Great concept and Shawn is so easy to talk to. Thanks again!” – Nathaniel

“Shawn always has some great guests every week, from chefs to musicians to survivors of abuse. All of them have had some very interesting and inspiring stories to share! Keep up the good work!” – Erika

“Such a cool idea, and Shawn is totally the best man for the job.” – Sara


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